Name: Nicole Myles
Role: Trainee Master Roaster
Coffee order: Cappucino - the more chocolate on top the better.

Intake: About 2 or 3

My name is Nicole and I’m from Straya (aka Australia)! I reckon I’ve been a drinker of coffee ever since I started studying at university - I needed it for survival and staying awake all day and night, the usual. I used to actually drink mochas with five sugars! Now I drink cappuccinos with a cheeky bit of chocolate on top. I suppose I have a bit of a sweet tooth, still.

It was when I was eighteen and it was with a major chain, you know McCafe? You guys don’t have them here?! In Australia everyone calls them ‘Maccas’ [ed: we realised it was part of McDonald’s]. Anyway, it was pretty fun but I left after a while to work in more independent coffee shops from there on.

I’m focused on the roasting. I like to keep everything (and everyone else!) really organised. In the future, I would love to make my own blend. It would be so great to get to the point where I can create a unique flavour that I love, and hope that one day others will love too!